Welcome! NeverNotFlying.com, both the YouTube channel and this website, are about flying and travelling. It is a place where, next to posting the videos I create for YouTube, I write blogs so you can learn more about my experiences and also will try to keep you up to date about my travelplans.

My travels are very diverse. In 2015 I’ve flown 200.000 miles and have visited every continent on the planet except Antarctica. I fly Economy, but also in premium classes like Business and First. So there should be something for everybody. And although you may not be able to afford a ticket in international First Class – you can still see what it’s like through my video’s!

If you would like to learn more about all this please stick around! Please do return to have a look at the new content.

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The Team

As the YouTube channel and website grow, so does the team! Time for introductions:

Sieto – me! 🙂 Founder of the NeverNotFlying channel on YouTube, and shortly after also started this site.

Bruno – grew up in Asia and is currently studying law in the Netherlands. He’s an avid traveler, and flies preferably in First Class! Keep up with his journeys through his personal Instagram and Twitter and of course, through this site!