Awesome Maho Beach – Jetblast & Beachbabes

Published on 16 April 2016

Last year I had a trip to the island of St. Maarten, to complete my American Airlines AAdvantage Executive Platinum Challenge. I’ve already made a couple of vids about that:

In this video, probably the final on about this trip, I’m doing some planespotting at the awesome & (in)famous Maho Beach. I tried to see the KLM Boeing 747 every day it arrives at SXM (three times a week), and all the other aircraft. A special one to mention is the AmeriJet Boeing 727-200F; as there are less and less 727’s flying around, I found it nice to ‘tick that one off the list’.

I’m not the type of spotter that records registration-numbers or has to have a picture of a plane to ‘make it count’ (and, after all, I do have my videos to remember it all) – I just enjoy looking at them for a bit, especially when they’re as close as 10 or 20 meters away and you can actually feel the jetblast, and Maho Beach is an amazing place for that!

So, I hope you enjoy this video; please let me know in the comments if you do?

The video below shows a playlist I made that has all the videos from this trip:

What do you think of this type of video? Spotting is a bit different from my usual flight report videos!


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