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Published on 4 January 2016

Before film-maker and Beme-founder Casey Neistat (…wait, what, have you never heard of him? Go subscribe to his YouTube channel right now, and then come back here. Do it, right now. I’m not even kidding.) had almost two million subscriptions to his YouTube channel because of his daily vlogs, he made a YouTube video about once a month. One of those is a tutorial video on how to get ‘free Business Class upgrades, everytime’.

I remember I was so excited when I first saw that video. I wanted that! Although I was probably Gold Elite with KLM’s Flying Blue loyalty programme at the time, I never got an upgrade because of my status! Times have changed though, and this year I am an American Airline AAdvantage Executive Platinum (quite the mouthfull) myself. So now, every time I fly American, well every time I fly an American domestic flight, I get (a high change of) an upgrade to Business Class. Oh, and a few Systemwide Upgrade Certificates, which allow me to upgrade long-haul (international) flights.

Casey Neistat

‘free Business Class upgrades, evertyime’

Although the video isn’t a 100% accurate or complete, it gives a nice insight into how US frequent flyer programmes work. Also, it’s a very entertaining video (Casey is a very good filmmaker – his daily vlogs on YouTube are one of the highlights of my day).

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