Etihad Business Studio

Published on 6 May 2016

Let me start this post by saying I’m sorry for not having posted on this site as regularly as I’d hoped I would. Also, I missed last weeks self-imposed deadline to upload a new video… I don’t know; sometimes things get in the way of creating. I hope I’ll be able to post at least weekly again, also with the help of team-member Bruno.

Also, I’ll be selecting the winners of my sticker give-away next week on friday, so there’s still time to participate, if you’d like the chance to get your hands on some stickers!

And now, without further ado, this weeks video! I flew in the Etihad Business Studio on the Airbus A380 back in march.

Etihad Business Studio

Etihad’s Business Class Studio on their Airbus A380

I’d flown in the First Class Apartment on the Etihad A380 already, and while that’s a product I wouldn’t mind flying ALL the time, I was curious about the Business Studio too. So, back when the American Airlines AAdvantage partner awardchart hadn’t be devalued yet, I booked myself a trip: from Amsterdam to London, then Abu Dhabi (this flight) and via Doha to Kathmandu.

I hope you enjoy the video, and I look forward to sharing more videos about this trip!

What do you think of Etihad Business Studio?


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  • Marc says:

    Nice video!

    Tell me, what are you using to hold your iPhone on windows and where can I buy something like that online? I can’t find anything in the stores where I looked! Thanks!

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