It’s safe to say I’m a fan of the Flying Blue programme. They have their downsides, but, it’s the first airline loyalty programme I started using, and since I’ve been either a Gold or Platinum Elite member for a number of years. Right now, I’m a Platinum Elite with them.

So I’ve become somewhat of an expert over time, and if you’ve got any questions about Flying Blue, feel free to ask them in the comments below! By the way, I’m Dutch (based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands), so als je je vragen in het Nederlands wilt stellen – geen probleem!

From 1 april 2018 the Flying Blue program is changing. Most important is the introduction of ‘XP’, which will replace ‘level-miles’ and ‘qualifying flights’ for earning elite status. I will update this page as soon as I can!

Flying Blue is the loyalty programme for KLM, Air France and a few other airlines. My personal focus has always been mainly on KLM and a somewhat on Air France, so I’ll focus on those two here, as well. As these two make up the majority of the programme, we should be all right.

KLM do have their own site for Flying Blue, but I’ll get more to the point on mine. If you’re interested in my experience with both KLM and Air France, I’ve made a few videos about them:


The basics are pretty much the same as any airline loyalty programme: earn redeemable miles, which later you use for award tickets (a.k.a. ‘free’ tickets). When you fly a lot, you get Status, which gets you additional perks, like access to airport lounges.

Ways to earn Flying Blue Award Miles

1. Fly – this is the basic one. Depending on how much you paid for your ticket, you get a percentage of the miles you actually fly as redeemable miles. Super Saver Economy fares get you 25% (sometimes 0%, so beware), some Business Class fares get you 125%, and on Air France First Class you 300%. So, if you buy a Super Saver fare, fly 5.000 actual miles, you get 1.250 Award Miles in your Flying Blue account.

Flying Blue American Express

Flying Blue American Express Cards

2. Get a Flying Blue American Express credit-card. By getting one of these, you earn a sign-up bonus. How high the bonus is, depends on the ‘color’ of the card . There’s currently a promotion, so a Silver gets you 10k, a Gold 15k and a Platinum Flying Blue American Express gets you 25k. Next to the sign-up bonus you get Award Miles for every Euro you spend, when using the card. Let’s take the Gold card as a reference; you get 1 Award Mile per Euro spent.

You can use your Award Miles for Award Flights, which are basically free flights (although you do pay some fees & taxes). You can also use them for upgrades, from Economy Class to Business Class, for instance.

What about Status?

If you fly a certain number of flights (Flying Blue calls them Qualifying Flights (or, QF)), you get status. 15 QFs gets you Silver status, 30 gets you Gold status and 60 gets you Flying Blue Platinum Elite Status. You also can earn status by flying a certain amount of miles: 25.000 for Silver, 40k for Gold and 70k for Platinum. You can qualify on either system, but not a combination of the two.

Flying Blue Status

Flying Blue membership cards

What does status get you? An important benefit is a bonus in the numer of Award Miles you earn. As a Silver you get a 50% bonus on Award Miles you earn. As a Gold that’s 75% and a Platinum  gets a 100% bonus. Another nice one is that both Gold and Platinum give you Elite+ status with all SkyTeam airlines, which gives you SkyPriority, that helps make your flying experience a lot easier, and also gets you into almost all SkyTeam affiliated airport lounges.

So, these are the basics. There’s a lot more to Flying Blue, and I will expand this page and/or add other pages (as I’m sure don’t like scrolling and scrolling and scrolling in a single page).

Also check out the following page(s) about:
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Als stated above, if you have any questions about Flying Blue – feel free to ask!

Are you already a member of Flying Blue? Do you have status even? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

The information on this site is current as per january 2016