KLM Dreamliner – Finally!

Published on 22 December 2015

I’ve been trying to get on the inaugural flight of the new KLM Dreamliner for a while now, as I’ve explained here (click) and here (click) (both in Dutch, sorry). I think it was during my vacation to Brazil in february 2015, that I booked an award ticket for this flight the first time. The flight was originally planned from Amsterdam to Abu Dhabi on the 25th of october 2015. A one-way award in KLM’s World Business Class for this route is 50.000 Flying Blue Award Miles and about 170 Euro’s in taxes.

I’m glad I booked an award and not a revenue ticket: the inaugural flight was to be moved several times. In total I’ve booked 4 award tickets and have cancelled three. Because I booked award tickets I was able to cancel the awards I didn’t want (almost) free of charge. Usually Flying Blue charges a 45 Euro change or cancellation fee, but in two of three cases this fee was waved, as Flying Blue thought I wasn’t to blame for yet another date-change by KLM.  In the end I didn’t get to fly the inauguaral flight, because the date had once again changed, to one where I already had another trip planned. I did fly the Dreamliner within two weeks of that inaugural though, and it was still pretty special.

KLM Dreamliner

KLM Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

On the day of the flight I arrived at Schiphol early and went straight to the gate to get some good shots of the plane. The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner PH-BHC ‘Sunflower’ was already parked when I got there. After the shoot I went to the KLM Crown Lounge. While I was there I noticed that my flight was to be delayed by about 20 minutes. Later I heard there were some minor problems with the electrical system, and we had almost flown with the second KLM Dreamliner, the PH-BHA, which had been delivered a few days earlier. The problems were solved though, and everything went as planned, with the exception of the minor delay.

KLM World Business Class

KLM New World Business Class

When I boarded, I was greeted ethousiastically because of my two camera’s (a Canon in my hand and a GoPro on my rucksack). The crew was in good spirits and for most of them it also was the first flight on KLM’s new crown jewel. You can see how the flight went in the video, but I definately got the impression the crew had to get used to the new aircraft – it took a while for the lunch service to get going, and it also took a bit longer then usual. I think this is to be expected though, and I did not find it to be a problem.

The 7-hour flight to Abu Dhabi was a bit short to really try out the new full-flat seat and to see if the higher pressure in the cabin really does make a difference with jetlag, I guess I’ll have to find out another time 🙂

I enjoyed my flight in the New New World Business Class on the KLM Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner very much and cannot wait to fly her again!

Please, check out the video – either in the embedded player above, or click here for the video on YouTube, which I would recommend.

Will you be flying the new KLM Dreamliner? Let me know in the comments!

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KLM Dreamliner
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